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Life has enough worries! We can give you one less thing to worry about by helping you plan for the unexpected. An Umbrella liability policy protects you from misfortunes that might rain down on your and your family or business.

What if your housekeeper, babysitter or a house guest accidentally falls down a flight of stairs and sustains severe injury! What if your child's friend is badly hurt while playing in your back yard? What is a customer is injured while at your place of business? Will you be financially prepared for the possible consequences?

If an accident victim sues you for negligence and demands $1 million in damages and your current liability coverages stops at $500,000., how would you come up with the difference!

In today's litigious society, you can't be too careful. An umbrella liability policy will protect you from being financially leveled as a result of an unexpected tragedy. Umbrella policies give you extra protection, excess of what your other casualty policies provide. The best part is, umbrella policies are usually very affordable.

Everyone knows accidents happen, but not everyone is prepared for them. An umbrella liability policy is a safety net that does more than catch you when you fall. It eases your mind about the risks that go along with being human. We like to help you focus on the good things in life rather than worring about the "what ifs". You can't put a price on peace-of-mind. Far the ultimate in liability insurance protection ask us about an umbrella policy.



As your insurance agency.....

* You get the best personal service around!!

* You get the best coverage at the best price.

* You receive personal evaluations of your insurance needs.

* We assist you in efficent, professional processing of your claims.

* We take a personal interest in your wishes, needs and changing lifestyle.

* You can count on us during times of crisis or catastrophe.

You can't and don't get this from a 1-800 number. Insurance is not like any other product you purchase. Security of your lifestyle and the things you have worked hard for shouldn't be left in the hands of someone who is just doing a job and doesn't care about you or your family or business one way or another. Someone who just wants to sell you a policy and move on to the next "new" customer. Yes, every now and then they might be able to save you a few dollars. But when the chips are down those few bucks saved might not seem worth it.



Ever consider what would happen if you had to let one of your employees go, or if an employee just gets mad at you for a comment made? If they file a law suit against you for unfair employment practices, what will you do? Your Commercial General Liability policy does not provide this protection. Most business and commercial insurers are now offering this protection as an endorsement to your current policy or as a separate policy. Give us a call and let us look into Employee Practices protection for you and your business.


My Personal Observations:

We all receive numerous items in the mail wanting us to call for a quote on our automobile insurance. Always saying that they can save us money. I call every time I receive one. My reason is I want to know what kind of rates these insurance companies have, claiming they can save me money on my car insurance. I also realize that you, our customers, are receiving these direct mailings. I have yet to find one of these direct companies who could actually save me money. What I have found is that they don't quote me the coverages and limits which I request, often quoting me lower limits and sometimes not including coverages which I have now. Sure, they can save me money if they don't provide me with the same protection that I presently have. I have received many different responses when I question them on not providing me the same limits and coverages that I have now. Some have just hung up the phone on me, some start to give me all kinds of reasons that I don't need certain coverages, which I find interesting because they know absolutely nothing about me and what I might need as far as insurance protection goes. In closing, I would like to say, please be careful of these outfits and if you should call and receive a quote saving you a lot of money, watch out! After an accident is the wrong time to find out the savings was actually a cost, of valuable protection. Jeff