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Spring 2002 News

We are moving!!!! Not to worry though, we aren't moving far. Our new office location is only about a half block from our old location. Same side of Main Street but about a half block toward the University. The physical address is 252 West Main Street, Kutztwon, PA - Our mailing address along with all phone and fax numbers will remain the same. Our new office location offers the same type of parking in the rear of the building as you are accustom to from the old location. Only now you no longer have to walk around to the front of the building to enter, we have a back entrance!


Depending on when this goes to press and finally to the Post Office for mailing we might have already moved. We are planning on having the entire office moved in and open on April 15th.

If you should have any questions concerning our new office location please do not hesitate giving us a call. Our week day hours will remain 9am to 5pm. Staurday's by appointment only.

Again, I wish to stress to you that everything has remained the same with the exception of our physical location. And the new office location is only a stones throw from the old one.

So, if you are in town stop by our new office and take a look. Even if you don't have any insurance business at the time. Just stop in and say Hi.

Change can be stressful or it can be a breath of fresh air. In this case it was a little of both! The stress is to make sure that our service to you is not affected during the move. The fresh air part, more room to operate.

New Location: 252 West Main Street, Kutztown, PA


Understanding your Automobile Insurance

(part two)

We went over the PA State manditory parts of Automobile Insurance in the last news letter. Now, we will go over some of the optional parts.


Physical Damage Coverage:

This is the section of the policy that provides coverage for your car, the car itself. This section has two parts..Comprehensive (other then collision) and Collision. The Comprehensive coverage provides coverage to your car in the event of Fire, Theft, Vandals, Dumb animals (dumb meaning can't talk) and also the automobile glass. Also referred to as the Other then Collision coverage. The Comprehensive coverage is only offered with a deductible. Collision coverage is exactly that. It provides coverage for your auto in the event of a collision. The collision coverage is also only offered with a deductible. The physical damage coverage is an optional coverage unless your automobile is financed or leased. Then, generally, the finance or leasing company requires that you carry this coverage at least until your loan or lease is up. In additionto requiring the physical damage coverage, when you lease a vehicle the leasing company usually requires that you maintain a minimum limit of Liability of 300,000. Be sure and question all the leasing company's requirements to avoid any surprises.

We will go over some of the other options available under the automobile insurance policy in the future. If you have any questions concerning your policy, give us a call. We look forward to going over your policy with you and making sure you understand what you have and what is available to you. Until then, we hope you all have a great and safe summer.

Remember - we moved up the street to 252 W. Main Street.


As of April 15, 2002

Our new office location is

252 West Main Street, Kutztown, PA

Only about a half block from our old location (toward the University) on the same side of Main Street. All phone and fax numbers will be the same.