Privacy Policy:


Privacy Statement:


Our, the Rhode Agency, Inc.'s, privacy policy is a simple one. We do not share any of the information we have on any of our customers, past or present, with anyone! We do, however, collect some non-public, confidential, information from you when you request a quote for insurance from us. The information we collect is used to provide the service of securing quotes of insurance for you, at your request. The information collected is used for that purpose and that purpose alone and is not shared with anyone. There is no "opt out" option because there is nothing to opt out of since we do not share your information with anyone.


In the event the quote for insurance is accepted by you, the application for insurance will contain some non-public information of which will become subject to the insurance company that the insurance is being applied for thru and their privacy policy. You will receive their privacy policy and procedures statement upon the issuance of the insurance policy.


We take your information and your privacy very serious! The information we collect is secure within our system and the only individuals able to access your information, are trained and fully aware of the confidentiality of such information. We maintain security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your information. Should you stop being a customer of ours, we will continue to protect your information in the same manner.


We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your insurance needs. We strive to preserve the confidentiality and security of your private information. And we strive to provide you with the excellent service you want and deserve.